Family Summer Holiday In The UK – Devon & Cornwall

We are taking our summer holiday this year in the gorgeous South West of England, with a few days in South Devon to visit my parents and sister, followed by a week in St Ives, Cornwall.

I am looking forward to what is likely to be our last holiday before embarking next year on our round the world trip.

We have spent many happy days visiting Devon and Cornwall, which have some of the best beaches and nicest seaside towns of anywhere in the UK. The South West also tends to benefit from warmer weather than anywhere else in the UK, although of course this is a relative concept and we shouldn’t be in any danger of suffering from heat stroke.

We are starting with a few days at The Langstone Cliff, which is a family friendly hotel set within a short walk of the beach at Dawlish Warren.

Kiera will be very happy to jump in and out of the surf for as long as she retains feeling in her arms and legs (the sea isn’t freezing, but nor is it very warm either!).

Alexandra is usually content to build sand castles and search for pebbles to provide the appropriate fortifications.

The kids also love spending some time with their grandparents and cousins, especially now that nanny runs a local bakery and always comes armed with a plentiful supply of baked treats.

This is also a big week because I will be telling my parents about our round the world travel plans. I didn’t want to discuss this over the ‘phone, so will tell them when the time is right this week. I am sure that they will be excited for us, but may question my sanity given the financial consequences of selling our house and quitting work.

Here’s hoping all goes well and, ultimately, my parents can only have themselves to blame for raising me in such a free-spirited and adventurous household.

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