The Idea – Taking A Family Gap Year To Travel Round The World

Taking A Family Gap Year

Mon 6th July 2015 – Day Zero

I am sitting at my desk having lunch on a rainy Monday. I get a deep sense that what I should really be doing is spending more time with my family. I read a newspaper article about a family who have decided to travel round the world. This strikes me as an absolutely great idea – why not us?

We are a family of four from England, and we are now planning a year away from our normal life to take a round the world trip.

I really hope you enjoy following our journey.

I really really hope that this is a good idea…

Have you got any advice for some aspiring travellers?

Author: Daniel Keating

I have just convinved my family to take a year away to travel the world...might have been a bit hasty with this one and currently somewhere between incredibly excited and massively afraid!

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