All About Our Trip – by Kiera

What are your favourite things to do?

My favourite things to do are swimming, running and playing outside with my sister Lexi. I also like playing in the park with my friends after school. I like to sing, dance and do drawing, models and being Creative!


 What are your least favourite things to do?

To go in the car for long journeys, and if I have to go on an aeroplane for a long time.

What are you most looking forward to on our trip next year?

Visiting new country’s I`ve never heard of or been to before, looking around and seeing what it is like and how different people live as different cultures.


Is there anything you will miss while we are travelling?

All my friends, my house, my dog Hugo, my hamster Oaty, and last but not least my two guinea pigs Rusty and William. I will also miss having a very long garden, my climbing frame and my trampoline.



Which countries are you most looking forward to visiting?

Canada because I really want to see a bear – my favourite teddy is a bear. My Mum and Dad have been to Canada. I`m looking forward to Australia because it will be interesting to see different animals.


 Do you want to take a year away to travel round the world?

I don`t really want to go on the trip around the world because I don’t want to have the injections.



But I also think that it will be quite good fun because I like going on holiday and looking around different countries.


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